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Wide Weekend: Palawan, Philippines

PH Coron 7

Having grown up a few minutes away from the sea, trips to the beach didn’t have that much appeal to me. This year I tried to get over this mindset and penciled in a few sea-centered travels.

PH Coron 5

During a weekend in Coron with friends, the question I had in mind was: damn, why didn’t I visit this place sooner? That was my first time to go island and shore hopping outside of my home province. It was also my first taste of the croc sisig (minced crocodile meat), which, as we have agreed upon, fits well into our modified seafood diet.

PH Coron 13

If you’re still planning out your trips for the rest of the year, go see Palawan. This is something we should all be doing at least twice in our lives.

Wide Weekend is a series on this blog where I post short notes and photographs from quick trips and events on, well, weekends. Some people would go as far as calling themselves “weekend warriors” for having a life and some advocacies outside of work. But  I love my work as a lawyer too much to exclude it from what I call “life”. For most of us, the fighting for a better way of living happens everyday, and that makes us common daily warriors. It’s just that things can get so much more colorful on weekends.

Life is short, let’s make it wide.


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