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Surf Village Hostel, Dahican Beach

Dahican hostel

When I was at Dahican Beach early this month, I stayed at the Surf Village Hostel. The place is about five minutes away from the shore, maybe three minutes, depending on how beach-deprived you are. Since it was a weekend of reflection for me, the location was perfect. The distance for walking was welcome.

The rooms are made of local materials, mostly wood and bamboo. I wouldn’t call it a cowboy place, because by my more hardcore friends’ standards, cowboy means making a home out of a hammock you brought with you. At Surf Village, you get a comfortable bed and free breakfast.

Dahican company

On my first night at Dahican, I had a few drinks with the Surf Village Team and guests from Finland. It was also a salubong for the birthday of Chris (former Team Captain of the DLSU Men’s Volleyball Team), who was on a solo trip that weekend as well.

That night, Skimboarding Champion Bayogyog (the Surf Village kids call him Yogi) showed me his training scars. We talked about figurative heart scars, too, and that’s how  I discovered that this board athlete’s alcohol tolerance is lower than mine. Yogi has been in the sport since he was six. I hope he gets more sponsorships and support.

Dahican surf and shoot 2

The owners, Harrison and Irene, stay at Surf Village and can easily be reached through You may also text them through the number above. Harry, Vincent and the boys at Surf Village will also be happy to help you out with surfing or skimboarding lessons.

Visit their website at and Facebook page: Surf Village Hostel.


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