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Glad you’re here, 2017.


One of the acacia seedlings I planted last year, now five feet tall

In 2016, I wrote a list of things-to-do here. Thanks to family and friends, old and new, who helped me tick off the items one by one.

For 2017, I’ll finish off the leftover items from last year. Aside from family, work and school matters, I’m also looking at this list:

  1. Build a new store for Railroad Vine Books, Bahn Mi & Brews.
  2. Have two trips out of the country.
  3. Learn how to bake the best baguette for Railroad Vine.
  4. Help finish at least two street art panels in my hometown.
  5. Start an urban garden project.
  6. Visit Visayas and Mindanao.
  7. Run a total of at least 50 kilometers per month.

Wishing everyone a better year!

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