Books, banh mi & brews


At the Ateneo Bazaar in Rockwell, Makati

This month, I finally launched Railroad Vine Books, Banh mi & Brews. The online bookshop has been up since July and just in time for the holiday season, we also sold coffee, tea and bahn mi at bazaars.

For those asking, railroad vine is a plant that grows on sandy shores. I spent a lot of time at our beach lot in Morong, Bataan and this vine always looked so lovely for me. For most of my childhood friends, this brings back memories of days when we improvised jumping ropes using this vine. Like the railroad vine, I want to start something that blooms even in hard conditions and at unexpected settings.


At the Pawikan Festival in Morong, Bataan

The bazaars can be tiring for a newbie like me, but these gave me better knowledge of the market and helped me figure out ways to develop both the products and processes. I had to step away from my comfort zones and it was all worth it. Thanks a lot to supportive friends and staff. Next year will be more exciting as we will offer more brews. Hopefully, you’ll get to sit and enjoy a meal at Railroad Vine’s first brick-and-mortar, too.


Learning Vietnamese dishes at an organic farm in Ho Chi Minh (2014)

Close friends know this project has been brewing for some time. For the past two years I’ve been planting a few ingredients at an organic garden, traveling around Southeast Asia for quick cooking lessons, finishing a short agriculture course in UP and researching about things I need for business. This is a slow process, because my main focus right now is my lawyering career, but hopefully I’ll reach my target in the years to come.

For inquiries, please shoot an e-mail to Please follow us at Instagram: @railroadvinebooks.


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