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Wide Weekend: Pasig River


For years, I’ve been thinking of going on a Pasig River ferry ride. Last May 21, I was able to gather enough courage to hop on one of the ferries. The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and Ateneo Graduate School of Business Student Council organized a guided tour and I went along with some friends from our MBA Program.


There is still so much work to do. The air at the river is not (yet) inviting and I can only imagine how the commuters who ride the line regularly are able to stand the smell. But we’re thankful that there are people who dedicate their time and resources to rehabilitating the river.


The ferry passes through several cities in Metro Manila. This route gives passengers a look at the new and old faces of the metropolis. From the new high-rise residential buildings at Makati to the decades old structures at the City of Manila. The organizers treated us to lunch by the river at the Intramuros Station. Not an ideal dining place for the picky but hey, we’re all still alive.

Ah, Pasig River. There’s such a lot of world to see.


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Wide Weekend: Mt. Pulag

PH Pulag 3

After less than two weeks of rest after my TNF trail run, I was already off to Mt. Pulag with new friends last weekend.

PH Pulag 1

The tour included side trips to Ambuklao Dam, Jangjang Hanging Bridge, the hot springs and, just before we went home, the Upper Session Road.

PH Pulag 2

We were up just a little past midnight for the preparations. The hours of climbing, braving the cold air and managing my aching knee (a hangover from the trail race) were all worth it. It was one of the best sunrises I’ve seen so far.

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TNF100, the fourth time around


The North Face organizes an annual trail running event and I have been joining the Benguet legs of this race since 2012. For months, I have been unable to join races because of a injury brought about by a skimboard hitting my right foot.

Any runner who has taken such a long break knows how bad that feels. What makes this easier to bear is the company of good friends who encourage you to get back up, especially if these friends include ultramarathon runners. They mean it when they say it can be done. So this year, I decided to get back on track.


I ran my worst time this year and contemplated on a DNF at that new steep slope where the route required us to do a difficult u-turn. It was so bad, I almost didn’t make it in time for the 22-kilometer cut-off time. Good thing my buddy Marc was patiently waiting for me to get back and got free lunch ready for me. I headed straight to the paramedics area after crossing the finish line.

Here’s to making myself a better runner this year. As they say, if you really want something, you make time for it.

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