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These photos are yours.

Disowning A Decade

In 2011, I finished sending away torn pages from my 10-year-old journal, in a little project called “Disowning A Decade.”

That same year, and during our bar review (and against the doctor’s advice, sorry), I went on a week-long impromptu trip to what would later on become one of my favorite hideouts.


I wasn’t able to bring a proper camera, so I ended up snapping photos with a 500-peso Vivitar film cam from Abanao Road. Visit this Facebook link. Be the first to comment on the photo that you would like me to snailmail to you and I’ll send you the printed copy at the start of 2015. One photo per person, in view of the finite nature of my photography fund. But I don’t care whether you’re in or out of the Philippines.

Happy New Year! Wishing us all good health, so that we can continue to work for the other wishes of our hearts.


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